The following settings are available for configuration through your project.

All available settings can find in lbworkflow.settings

List of available settings


Default: {}

Specifies the APP of process.

>>> {'leave': 'lbworkflow.tests.leave'}.

leave is the wf_code of the process. lbworkflow.tests.leave is the app of the process.


Default: lbworkflow.core.userparser.SimpleUserParser

django-lb-workflow use a text field to config users for Node and user a parser to cover it to Django model. You can replace it with your implement. The parse must a subclass of lbworkflow.core.userparser.BaseUserParser


Default: {}

A list of functions that can used in Transition.condition.

>>> {'get_dept': 'hr.models.get_dept'}.

get_detp can used in Transition.condition.


Default: ['lbworkflow.core.sendmsg.wf_print', ]

A list of functions that used to send message when process node changed.

The function must define as def wf_print(users, msg_type, event=None, ext_ctx=None)
users: A list of user need send message to. msg_type: The type of message. Can be notify/transfered/new_task.


Default: lambda user: "%s" % user

A function used to get the display name of a user.